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What If I Can’t Fix A MapRoulette Task?

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Most MapRoulette tasks are designed to be easy to fix, but a lot depends on the person who designed the Challenge you are working on, and the data that is available to fix the task. For example, there may not be good enough quality aerial imagery available at the task location, making it impossible to see the situation on the ground. It happens! No big deal. MapRoulette has a few different ways to move forward. This post explains each of them.

Before you even click ‘Edit’ to start editing the task in iD or JOSM, you already have a couple of options:

After you click ‘Edit’, the task area will be loaded in you editor of choice. The choices for completion of the task change to the following:

Whatever you decide, don’t worry about skipping tasks or marking them as too hard! This is valuable information for your fellow mapper who created the challenge.