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Monthly MapRoulette Community Meetings

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MapRoulette hosts monthly Community Meetings that are open to anyone interested! The Community Meetings are on the first Tuesday of every month, at 1pm Mountain Time. We post the meetings on OSMCal as well. I usually start by giving you an update of the latest features and fixes. After that, the floor is yours to […]

MapRoulette Leaderboard: The Community has Spoken!

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This post has been updated reflecting newer responses that came in since the original publication. MapRoulette has had Leaderboards for a long time. You can access the Global leaderboard for different periods of time right from the MapRoulette homepage. If you’re the owner of a Challenge, there’s also leaderboards in your Challenge management dashboard. However, […]

MapRoulette Documentation Can Now Be Translated

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Did you know that MapRoulette has extensive documentation? Up until now, the documentation was only available in English. With a recent update, you can now help translate the documentation in your own language! We use the Transifex platform to make it easy for anyone to help translate. The instructions are, where else, on the MapRoulette […]

Introducing our Flag/Report a Challenge Feature

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This post was written by MapRoulette contributors Jackson Tran and Yan Sun. MapRoulette is a platform that was designed for user tasks as means to make changes in OSM. Because of its self-governing nature, some tasks on MapRoulette aren’t articulated clearly to MapRoulette users. In version 3.11.6, we would like to introduce a flag/report feature. The […]

Liking and Flagging Challenges

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MapRoulette was designed to be an open, self-governing platform for OSM improvement tasks. This has worked well, but from time to time, changes are made in OSM based on MapRoulette tasks that were not clearly formulated, or the assumptions behind the task are wrong. On the other hand, we have Challenges in MapRoulette that are […]

Tutorial: tagging parking=surface efficiently with a MapRoulette Tag-Fix Challenge

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Americans love cars. More than 90% of households own one, more than 20% of households own 3 or more. Cars stand still most of the time and for that, we need huge amounts of parking. Image source: Flickr Commons The simplest way to map a parking area in OSM is to draw an area and […]

MapRoulette at State of the Map

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If you’re reading this, chances are that you are excited about the upcoming State of the Map conference in Firenze, Italy! Whether you are attending in person or virtually, lots to look forward to. I will be presenting on “10 years of MapRoulette” on the first day of the conference. The presentation is coming together […]

Introducing Challenge Health Measures

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I want everyone to enjoy fixing and improving OpenStreetMap with MapRoulette. Whenever I talk to MapRoulette users, I ask them what the one single thing is that I could do to improve their time spent using MapRoulette. The answer I get by far the most frequently is: “Please do something about old and irrelevant tasks!” […]

State of the Map 2021 Report: A Global Community, and Task-Based Editing is hot!

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State of the Map, the OpenStreetMap conference, just wrapped up yesterday in its second online year. It was, as always, an exciting opportunity for the community and data users to connect and exchange ideas and new developments from the OpenStreetMap world. If I had to point out one single highlight, it would have to be […]

New MapRoulette Challenge to verify level_crossing tagging correctness

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This is a guest post by Alex Iannicelli and Yunzhi Li from Facebook. Throughout the United States there are many places where railways intersect with highways to create “Level Crossings”. Representing these intersections in OSM correctly can improve renderings and routing algorithms. To help improve these intersections we recently created a MapRoulette challenge to verify level_crossing […]