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Water Geometry in Fairfield County (Connecticut) challenge by roptat

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Water Geometry in Fairfield County (Connecticut)” is a challenge created by roptat, who resides in Connecticut, USA.

Anyone can participate in this challenge as it requires only aerial imagery. The challenge’s goal is to improve the geometry of water features such as lakes and rivers that often cross other objects such as roads and buildings. Roptat and other contributors originally decided to look for building data to import. They found multiple data sources, but only one in Fairfield County had good size and shape accuracy. After going through that building dataset, they noticed that roads and water features were imported previously from a low-resolution dataset. Because of that, they found that the existing water geometry needs to be adjusted too.

It’s a fun and straightforward project that anyone can contribute to, and a great way to learn how to map water and help a local community!
Happy mapping!