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MapRoulette Leaderboard: The Community has Spoken!

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This post has been updated reflecting newer responses that came in since the original publication. MapRoulette has had Leaderboards for a long time. You can access the Global leaderboard for different periods of time right from the MapRoulette homepage. If you’re the owner of a Challenge, there’s also leaderboards in your Challenge management dashboard. However, […]

Introducing our Flag/Report a Challenge Feature

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This post was written by MapRoulette contributors Jackson Tran and Yan Sun. MapRoulette is a platform that was designed for user tasks as means to make changes in OSM. Because of its self-governing nature, some tasks on MapRoulette aren’t articulated clearly to MapRoulette users. In version 3.11.6, we would like to introduce a flag/report feature. The […]

Liking and Flagging Challenges

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MapRoulette was designed to be an open, self-governing platform for OSM improvement tasks. This has worked well, but from time to time, changes are made in OSM based on MapRoulette tasks that were not clearly formulated, or the assumptions behind the task are wrong. On the other hand, we have Challenges in MapRoulette that are […]